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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Congrats Grad

In honor of today being my last day of this semester and hopefully my last ever semester at San Diego Mesa College, I'm running out to do my last few finals. So enjoy my graduation pictures! Yes, my graduation was the weekend before finals, which put a total damper on the whole occasion but it was a great night, and a great feeling afterward knowing I'm done...for now! 

1 degree down, 2 more to go


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rough Draft

People tend to tell me that I seem to have my shit together. I guess from the outside it truly looks like I do. I'm in school full-time, chosen major, transferring to university in the fall, and working at the same time. I want to be an english teacher some day and I'm taking the steps to do that. I have a waitressing job that I love, great friends, blah, blah, blah. 

But how does that at all mean I've got my shit together? I'm two years behind in school, because I partied too much my first year and did an entire year of fashion classes thinking that's the route I wanted to take in life. Fashion, yeah no thanks. I work as a waitress in a bar and all I drink is beer, whiskey or cider. Ask me for recommendations on Vodka, Gin, or Tequila - I won't have any ideas. I'll recommend something off the menu, that's familiar. I've memorized the items and I know which are which. But ask me for something that's not on the menu, let me go double check with the bartender. Beer? I'll name off the drafts and sell ya what your looking for. Whiskey? Jameson, Jack or Crown, anything else isn't something I'd recommend. Cider? I'd go with Stella or Angry Orchard, but we don't have either. 

The great friends part of my life? Yeah, I can't argue with that. If you're at all curious of my crazy friends, check out the labels home 2.0, adventures, and friends

My life though, is far from perfect and my shit is far from together (metaphorically speaking). I sent in my acceptence to Cal State Dominguez Hills because I haven't heard from SDSU's appeal decision yet. If I don't get into SDSU then I'm going straight to LA. I'm going to attempt to keep my job on the weekends here in San Diego, and live in LA Tuesday - Friday or something along those lines. 

If I get into SDSU, I'm staying in San Diego, because who'd want to leave San Diego? I kind of love my little home town. 

So that's why everyone thinks I have my life in perfect order apparently, because I'm in school and working. Oh and considering that I'm excited to get have kids when I'm older means I'll be getting married right after college and start popping them out - not that I'm against that at all! That would actually be ideal. But my life doesn't go as planned, which is why this post is actually titled Rough Draft. 

My life takes it's own twists and turns, karma likes to give and take, and all I really have is faith that what's meant to happen will fall into place. I like to call my life a rough draft because there's so different ways my life could've gone had I not taken big steps or small steps into directions I thought were the right ones. 

When I started college, I cared more about hanging out with my friends and getting over my high school heart break. Within my second year of school I realized I was doing a really shitting job with my academics and decided to cut the toxicity out of my life (not to call my friends toxic, they weren't, but I needed to get out of my then-current lifestyle and brighten my future). I gave up my social life, my love life, and any other kind of life outside of school and friends for about a year and a half. I socialized at family events and at work, but didn't have any real group of friends I could hang out with on weekends, or any life outside of my textbooks. 

Then I transferred to San Diego Mesa College and got hired at the hotel I used to work at. My grades got better and my social life became a priority again. I made some of the best friends in 2013/14, and they've kept me on track with school. If I say I can't hang out due to school work, midterms, finals, having to work early the next day, or any other type of responsibility, they're okay with it. They don't try to convince me out of it. They might not even notice they've done this or that, but I owe them so much for it. Most of my friends have already graduated college and are living in a beach town partying it up - procrastinating on growing up because they finished school by the age of 22 and don't necessarily have to grown up just yet. 

But thanks to them, my rough draft of a life is continuing on it's track - my friends are far from derailing my life and I couldn't be more thankful for them.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Something About Wednesdays

Let's start off this past weekend recap on Wednesday - because yes, I'm posting a weekend recap on a Tuesday afternoon. Meaning most of you probably won't even read this until Wednesday morning, so why not post a weekend recap starting from exactly a week ago? Wait, did any of that even make sense? Whatever, back to Wednesday! Last Tuesday was Cinco de Mayo, so a few friends and I went bar hopping along Garnett Ave in PB and the following morning an even larger group of us went for Brunch - biggest mistake of my life.

I was hungover and drinking mimosas, then I ordered a pulled pork sandwich. Definitely an amazing sandwich, my hangover however didn't agree. Once we got back to home 2.0, I took a much needed nap and slept my hangover away. When I woke up, everyone was on edge to do something active - even though everyone (except me) was pretty tipsy or completely hammered. In the end, we decided to go paint balling.

My tips for paint balling:

  1. Rent the chest and neck protector. It was only $8 more and totally saved my life
  2. Don't wear good shoes. I wore my beat up white converse and thankfully my mom has this great stain remover at home, but I thought I'd lost them for good when the game was over.
  3. Hide. This little suckers hurt when they hit you! 
  4. If you're picking teams, play with those you know have good aim. Obviously.
  5. Don't shoot your own team player, I did that accidentally and I'll never live it down. 
Thursday was full of school, Friday I had to work. Saturday I got my graduation pictures taken by Steven Burnett, a friend of mine from work (because all my friends are from work), under Crystal Pier in PB.

After the little photoshoot, I headed home to drop off my mom's Mother's Day present because she was going to spend Mother's Day in LA with her momma. Then I headed off to a concert with a cousin to watch The Growlers.

And now we've arrived to Monday! As you'd know if you've stuck around here, Monday night is karaoke night. Last night, was also USD's grad night. So all the USD kids took over our hole-in-wall Monday night tradition, but we still found a way to sing all night and get drinks for $3!

To explain the above pose; "My favorites gouda!" If you still don't get it, watch She's the Man.

And to explain the three way high-five, it three drunken friends celebrating that we're the only ones born and raised in San Diego out of our friends group - and that's not entirely true there's a couple more that are also from San Diego, it just happened that the three of us where the only ones together!


Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Bad Habits

Oh, looking at me falling back into the habit of being an anti-blogger! My excuse for this week was that I've been at home 2.0 sans laptop. B and Heather's mom came into town last Tuesday from Ireland and since she gave birth to two of my best friends I wanted to get to know her! Last year when she came down I was just starting to become friends with B and only got to meet her for like half a second, because I was seating her at the restaurant I used to work at and had a line waiting for me so I couldn't lollydag. 

This time around thought I got to talk to her a ton, we would all go out to eat or to the beach together, and I pretty much got her life story in a week! She's one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met and she, just like everyone else in the world (other than B) wants B and I together.  I'm so screwed if any of my friends ever find this - especially right now that pouring everything into this blog in an attempt to 1. finally start using this as a legitament public journal and 2. I can't remember what 2, but I'm sure it had something to do with being related to anyone whose in my position - but none of you know the full story, so scratch 2...

Anyway, I've been at home 2.0 since Monday basically drinking the entire time. I know, I've turned into a slush. Monday was karaoke night, so as always I headed to work, got off and went to home 2.0 to get ready, then met everyone at SandBar. I don't have any pictures because 1. I was on an empty stomach 2. Meaning I got pretty wasted pretty fast and 3. I normally take tons of SnapChats but forget to save them. But here's a new picture of the puppy!

I spent the night flirting with one of the security guards - as a distraction from B. And it worked! Up until we got home and fell asleep on the couch next to each other, let me just add in here that I haven't slept with him (slept being the operative word - we cuddle) in three weeks, than I woke up when he got up to go to bed and I fell back asleep. I woke up again later that morning when Trev came out with the dog - I wanted to sleep more so I headed to B's bed, because his mom was in Heather's room. 

So that was clearly mistake #1 of the morning, I still had enough alcohol in me to seduce him and he "can only say no so many times." 

The confusing mess of the whole situation is that I don't know how he feels about me! We're best friends, who've stumbled into an intimate relationship. Neither of us wanting to jeopardize our friendship. He's leaving America for good at the end of summer, as I'll probably be heading to LA for school. He doesn't want to be committed because he's leaving and I get that. But it's harder for me to say no because I've started to develop feelings for him. Yes I know, I've caught feelings for one of my best guy friends - totally hypocritical to the stereotype of guys not being able to be friends with girls - but I have other guy friends I don't have feelings for, so ha!

But anyway - back to the mess, I don't know how he feels about me. He's told me he cares about me and that he loves me "to bits," and he's also said that I "deserve a great guy" but that's he's "not him." So, it's all a very confusing mess that I can't seem to wrap my head around. Plus I'm going into my last two weeks of school so I don't exactly have the brain capacity to figure out my love life and pass my classes. 

I'll clearly be focusing on school these next two weeks, but also drinking my weekends away - so we'll see what happens. I'll do my best to keep ya all updated!


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Surfing Session

Leaving you with this video from yesterday's surf session as I rush off to school for an exam! Happy Thursday!!