Wednesday, October 22, 2014

6 Things I Learned Living With Guys

Just like I work part-time and go to school part-time, I live at home with my parents part-time and live with some friends/coworkers part-time. When I work a night shift then a morning shift early the next day, I stay at my friends house. If I'm off a couple days in a row, I go home to my parents. If I'm going out with my coworkers, I stay at my friends house. If I have school or exams the next day then  I go home to my parents. If I work a night shift and am too tired to drive across town to my parents, then I stay with my coworkers.

My parents house is home, it's where I grew up and where I have my roots; but my friends house is home 2.0, it's where I have tons of memories, blurry nights, lost of laughs, and life-long friends. At my friends house it's two guys and a sister of one of the guys, but everyone in our group of friends (that's pretty much all of our coworkers) consider me a roommate. Especially because I spent most of my summer living with them; it was three guys at the time, one moved to Seattle and H, B's sister, now lives with them. 

A quick intro on the guys: Let's call them T and B, for lack of better nicknames and laziness to come up with better nicknames. T is the one in the middle of the picture below, he's from Massachusetts and when he drinks, or is pissed or tired, he can't pronounce his r's. I've also considered marrying him on the simple fact that I'll never go hungry since he's a great chef at the restaurant I work at. And B, he's from Ireland and by the time I study abroad (in Ireland) he and his sister H will have moved back to Ireland. B has never learned how to drive and turns into a red tomato every time he stays in the sun longer than five minutes. He tends to speak Gaelic when he gets blackout drunk and H is as short as I am which makes me immediately love her!

I've learned a lot living part-time with these guys, but instead of listing an endless list ranging from how guys stop using the "pull-out" method after they hit 30 years old (one's almost 30 and the other is mid 20's) to how they don't label their food but everyone knows who's food is who's, here's the first ones I could think of:

  1. Social media likes: They're actually interested in their instagram and facebook likes. They may not be checking it every few minutes so often as us, but they are definitely interested and surprised by how many likes they get on their pictures!
  2. They're as comfortable being naked with each other as girls are with other girls! I can't even count how times I come home (2.0) to find these guys in their boxers, in the middle of the day, on the couch, in their rooms, cooking, cleaning. Oh and they, when they're drunk, always talk about how good one-another-looks naked.
  3. They're up-front about guy advice. Any time I need guy advice, they are completely straight up about it, tell you how it is and not care if you're feelings are hurt. Wait, no, they do care about your feelings but they'll give you advice without beating around the bush, or your feelings. For example: my question was what does it mean if a guy you used to date, but you don't talk to anymore, liked your instagram picture? Answer: he wants to tap that but not date you.  No feelings hurt there (well, yes by the guy I date - not by the friend).
  4. They like dressing up too! Some guys just wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or dress shirt, okay most, if not all guys wear that when they go out, but they have specific t-shirts/dress shirts that are for going out. For example: A few of us (roommates and coworkers) went out to the beach, after a while someone suggested we head to a bar. Almost everyone said yes, except for the roommates, they'd rather run back to the house and change into a different t-shirt.

  5. Bro Nights! I seriously doubt they call it that - they totally should - but just like I have girls night with Kalani and N every Sunday night to watch OUAT, T and a few other friends get together which ever night Sons of Anarchy is on.
  6. Guy roommates teach you self-confidence. In all honesty, I'm fine when I don't wear make up. I'm not as confident as when I do wear make up, which is pretty dumb considering I don't wear that much makeup anyway. But living with them, having them see me without makeup, in my pjs, with a top knot and not treat me any different, make a face, or say anything that has to do with any of the three listed above, make me realize I'm better than fine
Living with guys has definitely been the complete opposite of what I thought it was going to be. I thought they would be messy, annoying, stinky, loud, and challenging over all. Turns out, their loud...and that's about it from those above. They're genuine, caring, domestic, and loud. 

And I'm more then happy to live with them for as long as they let me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

God is Testing Me in Love

 Sweater, JC Penney // Yoga pants, Target // Socks, Target // Boots, Bongo
Finally,  getting a fall related ootd up! Thank you Lord baby Jesus, it's finally starting to feel like fall. The high is supposed to be 73 today, and I'll probably be melting later. But, it's currently cloudy and 68, I'm more than happy to wear an over-sized sweater with elbow patches, yoga pants (always love wearing yoga pants), cute high socks and boots, boots boots and more boots!


Disclaimer: I don't think God is actually testing me. Yes, maybe God put this whole situation in my life to see if I'll take the same route again or see if I learned my lesson and I'll go in the other direction. Maybe it's just my over-analyzing brain that never shuts up. Who knows, but what I do know is that it feels like history is repeating itself in some ways and God has put me on this path for a reason.

In high school I fell for my best guy friend. However, I was also manipulated by one of his really good friends, wait no, I can't put all the blame on his friend - let's call them R and P, R was my best friend and P was his really good friend. I fell for R, head over heels, completely and utterly wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

P was his really good friend, one of my good friends too. I was thrown into a love triangle between my best friend and a good mutual friend of ours. After a six-month story full of anxiety over my vulnerability with my best friend/boyfriend, my secret interest in his friend, contemplating loosing my virginity to my best friend, and then eventually getting my heart broken; long story short, I broke up with my best friend thinking I'd save my self the future heart break, we can keep our friendship and I had no plans to pursue our mutual friend.

I left on a week long vacation to Hawaii the day after graduation, about a week after the initial break up, and talked to R the entire time I was gone. I read him my diary, everything I wrote about him, I told him, all of it. These were the nights where he admitted how much I meant to him, some of the best conversations I've ever had in my life.

In the end, I got back from Hawaii and found out he'd gotten into a relationship with another girl and cut me out of his life, completely. I ended up breaking my own heart, by ending a relationship with the intention of preventing a broken heart. I look back at the whole situation now and think had I not broken up with him I would've fallen in love with my best friend and God only knows how long we'd be together, but I wouldn't change it. My high school romances and heart breaks molded me.

Hoping back over to 2014, to the current day...I have a best guy friend, and I absolutely adore him, however we don't like each other in any other way other then friendship. Yes, we have a flirty and affectionate friendship, but I'm a shameless flirt and we don't like each other. In another life, maybe even in this life, I know I could date him, love him, marry him even. He's an amazing guy, but we don't like each other.

At least I don't think we do. I've never been good at reading grey areas, especially with my feelings. Mixed signals will be the death of me. We've "dtr'd" and we both agreed we don't want anything more than were we're at right now, which is just friends. And I'm fine with that. However, he's one of my best friends, like I said I care about him a lot. And now, plot twist, I'm interested in one of our mutual friends.

Why is history repeating itself? It's not repeating itself completely because I'm not falling for my best friend, dating him, or anything of the sort. We're just friends, but I don't know how I feel about dating my best friends friend. Is it weird that I find that bad? The only explanation I can come up with is that the last time I liked my best friends friend I ended up with a broken heart and a lost friendship, if history is repeating itself I don't want that to happen again.

Then again, I broke my own heart trying to keep myself guarded, safe and distant. If history is repeating itself should I really take the chance of possibly breaking my own heart again just because I'm scared? Love is scary, why can't I take the risk of getting my heart broken when love is supposed to be worth the heart break?

I'm starting to think I'm going to give up on love and concentrate on school even more than I already am. Maybe love will fall into my lap when I least expect it. Besides isn't that what people say happens? When you aren't looking for love, is when love finds you.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Walking For Them Boobies

This weekend I started off doing nothing but binge watching Scandal, which is getting absolutely insane (*SPOILER ALERT* Quinn is part of B613, Jake is the head of B613, Olivia's mom is a terrorist and Mellie has a secret love triangle with the Vice Prez?!), but Saturday night my cousin Crystal flew in from Tennessee to surprise my aunt who's survived breast cancer twice! It was the first time my aunt and cousin were going to see each other in eight months and the moment my aunt saw my cousin (and screamed) was probably one of the most amazing moments of my life. 


Friday, October 17, 2014

My Day at Disney

What's better than a spontaneous trip to Disneyland? Nothing. I hadn't been to Disneyland in maybe three years, so when Kalani called me last weekend and asked to go with her to Disneyland for free, I jumped up and said HELL YES, packed a backpack and headed to work. Just kidding! Well, actually I did head to work but of course I told her there was no chance I'd be missing out on Disneyland first. 
First, we headed to California Adventures, which was a first for both of us. But neither of us really liked it. The only reason I wanted to go to California Adventures was to take a picture with the big "C" out front (but the whole sign was either gone or blocked off, we couldn't see it and I was pretty damn bummed) and to see the Ariel ride! Of course this SoCal Mermaid needed to meet the most infamous mermaid ever. 

Then I realized it was a total kids ride, not complaining it was still fun, but all I wanted to do after that was to meet Ariel, so we headed to Disneyland!


I am obsessed with the New Orleans area, it's absolutely beautiful and I'm honestly wanting to go more and more with every time I look back at these pictures. Kalani and I are even looking into going to New Orleans for New Years! So excited, I'm excited for her to visit her long-distance boyfriend and for me to check another state/city wishlist off my travel bucket list!

 And then we waited in a 45 minute line to meet Ariel...that is all, I met Ariel. I may or may not have as excited as a 5 year old.

Then I ended my day with a delicious Mickey pretzel, sitting next to the two cutest little kids I've probably ever met! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

5 Ways to BEAT Breast Cancer

Since today's post is all about breast cancer, I decided to make my ootd a breast cancer one too! With a simple little outfit, literally just jeans with a t-shirt. I threw on a button down LC by Lauren Conrad blouse to keep me slightly warmer from the air-conditioned classrooms, because air-conditioned class rooms are not my friends. Combat boots simply because I've missed wearing boots! It's currently 68 degrees and the high is supposed to be about 72, not bad for October.
 Blouse, LC by Lauren Conrad for Kolhs // T-shirt, Forever 21 // Jeans, Bullhead // Boots, Bongo

And now, onto the good stuff! Want to know how to you can beat breast cancer? Here's five ways you can fight, beat, and win breast cancer.
  1. Self-exams: I feel like this is the most obvious. You need to check your self before you wreck yourself, literally. Checking your breast regularly and reporting any changes to your doctor should be a priority, especially if breast cancer runs in your family.

  2. Eating food: with lots of fiber and antioxidant filled fruits and veggies are a delicious way to prevent breast cancer cells from forming. 
  3. Limiting alcohol: which for any 20-something may sound difficult, yet if limiting your alcohol intake helps prevent breast cancer, why not take it in moderation? Moderation can't be all that bad, we try to eat our food in moderation to loose weight, why not drink in moderation to loose our chance of getting breast cancer? You could always just go for the hard stuff that'll get you drunk faster instead! Just kidding.
  4. Exercise: Exercising is good for you full-circle, all the way around, entirely. I'm not really sure how else to emphasis that exercise is a good thing for you. It clearly prevents cancer, my research (and many many brochures) say so and it keeps you healthy. So exercise! 
  5. Quit smoking: I'd say it plain and simple, but I know old habits die hard. I don't smoke, very often. I do tend to smoke socially when I'm out with friends at a bar or after a night of dancing 'til 3 am. Cutting back is definitely on my infinite priority check list. Breast cancer runs in my family, and I will be doing what I can to prevent it!
I hope these help! Some may be hard (limiting your drinking) and some may be easy (exercising), but hopefully these help your chances of not only preventing breast cancer but beating it!