Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Colds and Studies

My weekend consisted of getting my second cold this year - I only get sick twice a year. Usually a cold, both typically in the spring and fall. Other then the cold I spent a ton of time with my family, we celebrated my grandma's seventy-sixth birthday and I crammed hard for my math test I have in about two hours. I spent some time at the beach as well, with my friend Brett who's moving to Australia in two weeks! So sad to see her go, but so excited to visit her in both Boston and Australia next year!!

Due to my cold, and working a six-thirty shift on Monday morning, I didn't have a chance thanks writers block to post anything for ya to read. So, as I dust off these comb webs in both my blog and my head here's some pictures from this weekend:

...and just as I grab the feather duster it starts POURING outside. In case you're new here, I live in San Diego, CA. Aka, we're still in summer, September tends to be the hottest month of the year for us and it's also been the one with the most humidity so far. And now, thanks to Hurricane Odile, it's humid and 100 degrees, thundering and pouring, and sand-storming (is that even a word?) outside! Here's some screenshots of my snapchat story as proof:

 The crazy heavy winds killed our canopy...

 And to top it all off it's 101 degrees.
I'll be heading off to school now. Wish me luck on my exam and to drive safely in this crazy weather?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Currently Loving

I'm currently loving, and obsessed with, the color turquoise. I'm trying to redesign my blog, slowly but surely, and the main inspiration is turquoise. I love turquoise. I've always loved different shades of blue; sky blue, baby blue, teal, sea foam, Tiffany blue, and especially turquoise. Now, I'm bringing my love for the color into my blog. Or at least I'm trying, I'm in dire need to brush up on my myspace coding days!

Another piece of inspiration for the redo of my blog is my blog name! I finally bought a domain, finally, after two long years of blogging, I got my domain. I didn't even get my domain, someone already has it. I had to change up my URL just a tad; SoCalMermaid has become SoCal'd Mermaid! Why? Because ever since I was a kid, I've always been told I'm like a fish in the water. Also a big love obsession in my childhood were mermaids - I feel bad for my future husband, because when I have a daughter she will have a Little Mermaid theme room, ocean theme'd parties, and halloween costumes to math! And I definitely want that fish scale tile (bottom center) in my future bathroom!

So, I chose to go with SoCal'd Mermaid. You can pronounce it as it seems, socalled mermaid but if you look closely it still SoCal (as in Southern California) Mermaid. In the end, nothing much changed. I threw an extra letter into my URL so that I can buy the domain and I've changed up the design of my blog - but when am I not redoing the design?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

September Summers

September is always the hottest month in San Diego. While everyone else is posting up their cute fall outfits and autumn inspiration, I'm over here sweating in the humidity of (I'm guessing) Hurricane Odile. While we're having beautiful sunny days and an endless summer kind of feeling, I'm ready for fall.

I can't wait to layer! Wearing leggings with over-sized sweaters and an infinity scarf, dresses with an over coat, umbrellas and rain boots (which are highly rare in San Diego, but still love them). Every time I head into Target or a mall I'm faced with windows showing off fall trends, however I can't quit buy them just yet because I'd be stuck letting them hang in my closet for another month. Fall doesn't really start to take place in San Diego until early or mid October.

Clearly this outfit doesn't have an inch of fall within it, maybe the cardigan? But that's really only for sitting in an air conditioned class!

Cardigan: Love Culture (Did they go out of business?)
Dress: BillaBong
Shoes: Burlington
Necklace: Noon Designs
Starfish Hair clip: AguasAzules

Monday, September 8, 2014

Aguas Azules Fall 2014

The fall collection of my etsy shop AguasAzules is now available! The bracelets are all inspired by different parts of the ocean or world, the animals within it to. Blue Lagoon, inspired by the same thing that inspired the name of my Etsy shop, the blues in water. Coral Reef is inspired by the plants, animals, and the rays of the sun shining in and around coral reefs. The Jellyfish bracelet is pretty self explanatory, it's all about the jellyfish! Lastly, the Tropics is inspired by the tropical jungles around the world; water, plants, the sun and the flowers within them.

Included in the fall collection is a new ring! With an aqua stone-bead and a gold (or silver) wire band, this cute little ring ranges in sizes from 6/7 to 8/9. If you order one I can do my best to fit an exact size!

And of course the starfish hair clips; these two fall editions are special. The blue starfish clip is dyed blue and 50% of proceeds go to Autism Speaks, and the pink starfish clip is dyed pink and 50% of the proceeds will go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Autism Speaks and Susan G. are very important charities to my family, so why not donate to them with every purchase I can!

Lastly, we have the limited time Cabo San Lucas pieces! I have four (total of four) starfish clips coming all the way from Cabo and quite a few sand necklaces! The necklaces on the left contain pebbly sand from Cabo San Lucas and come in three different colors; sunset orange, margarita green, and ocean blue.

A few of these pieces will be staying far longer then others. The limited time pieces will only stay while supplies last. The blue and pink charity starfish will be supplied for the rest of the year and others may stay longer. So, get your clips, rings, and accessories while you can!
Hope to shop with you soon! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Laboring on Labor Day

After spending my labor day weekend working like crazy at work, then waking up late Monday morning to reorganize, downsize, and over all clean my entire room. I'm happy to say summer isn't quite over here in sunny San Diego! It's a beautiful eighty-two degrees today and after class I'll be heading down to the PB farmer's market. Hopefully I'll get some pictures and post them up soon.

Dress: BillaBong
Sandals: Burlington
Necklace: Noon Designs 
Thumb Right: N/A
Bracelet: LC by Lauren Conrad for Kolhs
(Fall Collection will be released September 8th!)

Friday, August 29, 2014

To the Other Girl,

I've never really opened up about guys on here and if you knew me in person you'd know I'm boy crazy. I've dropped hints and tidbits, talked about dates even. However, I've never truly opened up, talked about how I'm falling surprisingly quickly and then usually push guys away, or how I end up getting hurt by most guys. I'm not sure what's come over me, it might be that I just read this article by Elite Daily and it moved me.

Without giving too much detail I'd like to share this letter I wrote to him. I'd rather put it on my blog, where it'll end up getting lost within future posts, versus keeping it on my desktop or hard drive; where it's staring at me in the face every time I open my computer.

To the other girl,

    Congratulations, you’ve made it farther than I did. I hope you make it even further, but I should warn you - when he says he takes it slow, he means the label. I'm assuming you must have been dating him for a while now, and I hope it’s going well.

     I hope you love how he makes you feel as much as I did. I hope you appreciate it when he knows somethings up, and pushed you to be more assertive, like I did. I hope you listen to him as much as he listens to you; he may forget somethings, but I did too.

    I hope you know how to take things slow as easily as he does, because I didn’t. God knows I was falling for him. His quirks, his bluntness, his everything.

    I hope when he tells you you’ll be meeting his family someday it makes you feel as warm and excited as it felt for me - and I hope you meet them. I hope when he talks to you about his dreams and goals you listen patiently, because he tends to go on tangents about them for hours, and please encourage him. Last I heard, he was on the right track for one of those dreams, encourage him to continue.

    Don’t let this letter intimidate you. We weren’t together long. We don’t have any pictures up on social media and we rarely see each other now. We’ll probably never meet, I honestly hope we don’t. I don’t hate you, I don’t know you either, but if he’s happy with you, I hope he keeps you.

    He’ll be the gentlemen you probably think doesn’t exist anymore. He’ll open your doors and pay for your food, call you when he can and apologize when he can’t.

    He has many friends, girls too, but don’t be jealous or insecure of them. He chose you.

    If he falls in love with you, take care of him. The strength of his arms when wrapped around you will make you melt, his puppy dog eyes when he asks something of you will make you want to coddle him.

    We weren’t together for very long, and as much as I’d love to have had him for longer, he found you instead. Find his quirks, don’t call him names when you’re arguing he hates that, find his niches and find his vulnerabilities. Find them and hold onto them, because he’ll surely find yours quickly.

    I’d like to only ask you for one thing: don’t hurt him the way he hurt me. If you’re headed in the direction of a relationship, as I pushed for. He’ll only ask you for three things. Honesty, loyalty, and faithfulness. He’ll promise to give you those in return. Honesty, tell him everything on your mind. Trust me, we may not know each other and you may not like me, but trust me. He has a way of knowing when there’s something on your mind. Loyalty and faithfulness are intertwined, if he chooses you, chose him.

    I hope it works out for you, please take care of him. 
The Other Girl

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What's in my Purse?

I used to love watching these videos on YouTube. All of my favorite vloggers would show you everything they carry around in their purses (backpacks, school bags, make up bags, etc.) and I'd sit in front of my computer realizing I need to buy lip gloss and I might be one of the few people left that carries a book with me, daily. 

Sadly, I could never make this video, because even though I did have a YouTube account xoxocarolina92 I would use my iPhone camera, as in no automatic focus on items, no lighting, no nothing. Just me and my iPhone. 

However, what do bloggers do best? Take pictures and post about them, a picture's worth a thousand words right? Well, this post is probably more or less a few hundred, but anyway! Here's what I carry in my daily purse:

The purse itself, I got as a gift for my birthday. I have absolutely no idea where it's from, but I love it!

1. The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho, review to come soon!

2. I carry this notebook with me everywhere! To school, work, to run errands, everywhere. I write down anything that comes to mind, or I'll forget. Blog ideas, grocery list, to do's, etsy shop lists, tons of lists, school related stuff, anything.

3. Pens and my name tag. Covered them for my privacy since they do have company logos.

4. Tips that never made it into my wallet.

5. Gum! Have to have gum. I used to actually use this box as a way to keep my ear buds from tangling by wrapping it around the box.

6. Grizzly Business stickers to post around San Diego - free advertising for these guys!

7. Ear buds, a must have!

8. More breath freshners.

9. Sephora's sample lip stick and Baby Lip's chap stick.

10. Lighter; I'm not a smoker, but I've dated a few. Carrying one is just a habit I've always had.

11. Summer's Ever, for other refreshers.

12. And my wallet! I love this wallet, it's from Target and has all the room I need without taking up half of the room in my purse.

And finally, a little sea shell I found at work. I tend to find them when I'm cleaning the beach and always come home with pockets full of shells! But who can blame me? All I want to do is sell sea shells by the sea shore.