Friday, July 17, 2015

The Latest and Greatest: GoPro

paddle boarding at the bay, afternoon on the beach 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bugs and Expectations

There's so many expectations I feel as if I need to fulfill. As soon as possible. My parents, my teachers, my peers, and my own. My parents expect me to finish school, find a great job, meet an amazing guy, give them grandkids, and live happily ever after. My teachers and expecting me to pass my classes and get my degree in an orderly fashion. Whereas my friends expect me to accomplish the expectations I have set for myself. 

But what the fuck am I expecting to do with my life? Excuse my French. But seriously, I'm 22 years old and going into my fifth year of college. I just got my associates in a subject I'm not crazy about, and I'm looking into somehow switching my major for (I think) the fourth time. 

My hopes is to have the life my parents want me to have, my goal is to be happy. I want to finish school and become a college or university English teacher. I want to get married and have kids. And be happy. 

It all sounds like some kind of five year plan. Year one, finish school. Year two, get job. Year three, meet boy. Year four, marry boy. Year five, have babies.

But what if it's not at all in order? What if I take a year off between my bachelor's and my masters to travel a bit? I've had an insane bug to travel lately. The books I'm reading all involve the main protagonist traveling. The movies I'm watching, same thing. My friends, travel even more combined. I want to sit in a car for hours and just drive somewhere, sit in an airport and wait to board a plane to a different destination. 

How am I supposed to travel for long periods of time with school as my main priority? 

I can't really consider it a main priority, I mean it is but, it's also just an expectation. We go to college to show that we have drive and can accomplish something, succeed even. That's something I plan on doing, I can't see myself giving up school, ever - hello future teacher over here! 

Expectations and a travel bug. I'm not entirely sure where this post was going, but it's the two topics (not involving boys - you'll hear more about that another day) that keep swirling in my head. Everyone's expectations for myself, yet still keeping my own and keeping myself happy; and wanting to finally travel. 

School, like I said, I'll do. It's not hard and I'm on track to graduate in 2017, finish in 2019. I'm going to Hawaii in October, Ireland for study abroad (so I can throw in Europe in there), but where am I supposed to put Central/South America into the mix?

I guess, I've time to figure this all out. I'm only 22...

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Do As The Locals Do

Working in the hospitality industry, I get loads of people asking me what there is to do in San Diego. I usually name off the different beaches. Mission Beach is great for families, PB is more for the college kids, La Jolla is great for snorkeling and shopping, OB is for the hippies, and I don't know much about IB but I hear it has great surf! Oh and Coronado has really nice beaches, the tide is usually too strong, but it's still a great beach!

I can refer them to the Zoo or Sea World, some shopping malls, definitely bars and clubs, some hiking trails, and a few restaurants. The usual stuff I'm obligated to take family from out of town when they're visiting.

What I don't usually hear is people asking me what the locals do. When someone asked me what I would be doing if I wasn't currently at work, I had to take a moment and actually think about it! What would I be doing?

Tanning at the beach, having wings on Wednesday, sailing, walking the dog, gym, maybe hanging out with friends while watching Friends re-runs. 

Living in San Diego, and growing up here, I've taken it all for granted. I don't spend every waking moment at the beach, I didn't learn to surf until last summer because the beach was always in my back yard. I grew up on one specific mission bay play ground, I've had the Zoo pass six years in a row, I've gone to Sea World more time than I can count, wings on Wednesday is almost a weekly event, and there's a handful of bars I can always count on suggesting to guests. 

So what else is there to do in this amazing city? Well, how about work and go to school for a start?! If I'm not at school doing the school year, I'll probably be at work. For the summer, I'm at work or down in PB somewhere with the home 2.0 crew.

Here's a bit of the gang on the Fourth of July! 

Not entirely sure this sums up what the locals do in San Diego, but we kind of do as the tourist do - but we do it all year 'round and have to go to school and work too!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What All I Told My Personal Trainer

Typically, it's the hair dresser and your best friends who know your life story. Maybe even a stranger on your flight across country. But for me, it was my one-free-session with my personal trainer. 

Why not my hair dresser? I have two, my aunt and my mom's co-worker. I can tell my aunt anything, but I also have to be careful about dirty details because she could report back to mom, and my mom's coworker is a chatty-kathy, so if I bring up the slightest thing about my life she runs off on a tangent for the majority of the trim. 

And my best friends already know my life story, plus everything that goes through my daily life. 

So, what did I tell my personal trainer?

Weight gain: I can't do it. As much as I eat my metabolism doesn't want me any where near my goal weight. Now, now, before you jump me for talking about weight gain instead of weight loss. There's two sides to every story. I'm out of shape and have no upper body strength, I don't eat as healthy as I wish I would, I have insecurities from bullying (about how skinny I am) in high school.

Getting to the gym will hopefully help me get into shape and gain some muscle weight. Hopefully it'll help me get motivation into eating better, because my answer to "what do you want for dinner?" is almost always pizza.

I told her about wanting to move out of my parents house - all about how I'm trying to find a place in PB near my job and friends, but about how it's hard leaving a rent free room that comes with a washer/dryer, dinner on the table (when I actually come home for it), free cable and wifi, etc etc.

I even told her about wanting to get on the pill - she had recommended protein shakes or protein pills, and that made me feel like a body builder. So, why not go with the pill that's going to help me gain weight, clear up my skin, and lighten my period? 

I also told her about not being able to do a push-up confidently, having absolutely no knowledge about using the machines, not exactly sure which weight to use for arm curls, and not being able to run further than a block without hyperventilating.

She gave me loads of advice on specific workouts, informed me on how to use some of the machines for back workouts, proved to me that I have great balance on a bosu ball, and enough confidence to go to the gym with Sarah up to four times a week! But not enough confidence to go alone...

So what did I get out of all this? A piece of paper with her ratings for more sessions and an award vibe every time I see her at the gym for not having signed up for anymore sessions. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Guess Who's Back?

Well hello there! I've disappeared once again, but low and behold, I'm back, again. In my defense, two friends of Heather's have moved in with us for the summer (one was here last summer and for the other, it's her first trip to 'Murica), so we've all been hanging out on the beach and celebrating summer!

So, to make things easy, let's do yet again another weekend recap - and when I say weekend recap, I'm scrolling through the latest pictures in my phone and just telling you about'em.

Don't hate me! Hopefully soon enough I'll start blogging more about my life and not just weekend recaps and my love life.

Falling in love with the San Diego State campus before the fall semester even starts. 

Looked through a bunch of old baby pictures for a Father's Day post and found this little gem! I couldn't help but love that my dad was the one to teach me so much in life. My love for Elvis Presley, the beach culture, curiosity the size the universe, our similarities and differences, and apparently my love for orange ceramic fish!

For the picture above and below: my momma is out in Argentina for the week and these are a couple pictures she's sent me. I absolutely adore how happy she and her best friend look in the picture above, my mom is the one in the back (they've been best friends for 20+ years, her best friend is originally from Argentina). The picture below I love for the building in the background and just how adorably cute my mom is! 

And here we are with our latest karaoke night pictures! (Above and the few below) That's Heather in the picture above, btw! 

 Left to right: Me (obvi), Máire, Heather, Aoife

And can't end a post without the cuteness that is Raskal!